Keeping It Casual Podcast


April 1, 2020

It's week-three of quarantine, and what have you done for you lately? Pour yourself an espresso martini, and remember in these weird times you need to take extra care of yourself. 


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  • MJ and Bree talk about actors they find oddly attractive. 
  • A listener writes in to talk about catching her boyfriend watching porn. Wait till you hear his excuse! 
  • Bree admits that since quarantine has started she hasn't found herself all that attractive, and hasn't been getting herself off. 
  • The girls discuss the benefits of masturbation and how to turn yourself on. 
  • Since we're not able to get waxed right now Bree reminds everyone about Magic Razorless Cream Shave to get rid of that unwanted hair. You can pick it up almost anywhere! 

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